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I wanted to write something to keep up with my buzzword-bingo, so I rewrote my blog using hip technologies.

The idea behind the blog-post flow is to:

  • Commit Markdown files to a GitHub repository
  • Get GitHub to trigger a build on my Jenkins server
  • Sync the resulting built to the web server hosting my blog

The build is triggered when the commit message matches ^deploy [a-zA-Z_.-]; on matching commits, Jenkins launches a Docker container that:

  • Scans the Markdown for images (both inline and ref)
  • Uploads the local images to S3 and replaces the path in the Markdown
  • Converts the Markdown to HTML
  • Populates a template for the blog-post
  • Updates the index file with all posts, sorted by date

XKCD 917

XKCD 917

Everything is on GitHub